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 European weap0n codes

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PostSubject: European weap0n codes   European weap0n codes Icon_minitimeFri Nov 09, 2007 10:58 pm

Here are the codes 4 european weap0n editing..
(do the same thing as chinese weapon editing -"(^_^)"-

item\europe\weapon\axe_XX.ddj <---- AXES
item\europe\weapon\tsword_XX.ddj <---- 2H SWORD
item\europe\weapon\crossbow_XX.ddj <---- XBOW
item\europe\weapon\darkstaff_XX.ddj <---- WARLOCK STAFF
item\europe\weapon\tstaff_XX.ddj <---- WIZARD STAFF
item\europe\weapon\harp_XX.ddj <---- HARP (bard weapon)
item\europe\weapon\staff_XX.ddj <---- CLERIC STAFF
item\europe\weapon\sword_XX.ddj <---- 1H SWORD
item\europe\weapon\dagger_XX.ddj <---- DAGGERS
item\europe\shield\shield_XX.ddj <---- SHIELD

juz in case u havnt read the chinese editing guide click this.<---

European weap0n codes Gta4-niko

European weap0n codes ProstreetxD
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European weap0n codes Empty
PostSubject: Re: European weap0n codes   European weap0n codes Icon_minitimeFri Nov 14, 2008 5:38 am

i need items euro light armor and other codsplizz
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European weap0n codes
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