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 [GUIDE] Easy pk2 edit your transports

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[GUIDE] Easy pk2 edit your transports Empty
PostSubject: [GUIDE] Easy pk2 edit your transports   [GUIDE] Easy pk2 edit your transports Icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2008 12:26 am

Looks like there isn't a clear guide about this. So here's mine ^^

1. ALWAYS make a backup of your original Media.pk2 file. You don't want to reinstall the game everytime you do something wrong.

2. Open your Media.pk2 file in XVI32. If you don't have that program, you can easely find it on google.
[GUIDE] Easy pk2 edit your transports 16289561vm6

3. Decide what transport you want to change and what you want to change it to. You can find all transport codes below. In this example I will change the 3th horse (Dragon Horse) to a cool looking lizard.
The codes I will be needing for this are: cos\c_horse3.bsr and cos\t_lizard.bsr
Note that the 2 codes are the same length, this will make it very easy for us. Also, c_ means it's a vehicle, t_ means it's a trade transport, p_ means it's a pet.

4. Because the codes are the same length, we will only have to replace them. Open Search > Replace... and type in the following.
[GUIDE] Easy pk2 edit your transports 47254780bx3

5. Click Replace all. It should change 3 files. (if this isn't the case, I suggest you start over) Save your file, close XVI32 and try it out! If you didn't screw up, you should get this:
[GUIDE] Easy pk2 edit your transports Pk2dragon2zp6

Now, what if your codes aren't the same length? We will have to work a little different. Follow the same steps until step 3.

3. This time, I want to change my horse to a unicorn. The codes we will be using are cos\c_horse1.bsr and cos\c_unicorn.bsr
Note these have a different length.

4. First, we need to change the unicorn code to something that has the same length as the code for my horse. To make it very simple, I'll just change it to cos\c_horse5.bsr . This horse doesn't exist, but because the unicorn isn't implented yet, I don't have to worry about that. Click Search > Replace... and type:
[GUIDE] Easy pk2 edit your transports 86652798lz4

5. Hit Replace all. Now we change our horse to the unicorn.
[GUIDE] Easy pk2 edit your transports 26625214dl9

6. Hit Replace all. Save your file, close XVI32 and try it out.
[GUIDE] Easy pk2 edit your transports Pk2unicorn1uc8

NOTE: When editting transports with different lengths, always make sure you end up with the same amount of letters. Example: Pegasus has 30 strings, a horse only 3. This would make the file unbalanced, so you better change the unicorn.bsr code to horse5.bsr. Unicorn is the same length as Pegasus and has only 3 strings.

cos\c_horse1.bsr = Red Horse
cos\c_horse2.bsr = Shadow Horse
cos\c_horse3.bsr = Dragon Horse
cos\c_dhorse1.bsr = Ironclad Horse
cos\c_tiger.bsr = Item Mall Tiger
cos\c_ostrich.bsr = Item Mall Ostrich
cos\c_rudolph.bsr = Rudolph / Reindeer
cos\c_wildpig.bsr = Wild Pig
cos\c_unicorn.bsr = Unicorn
cos\c_pegasus.bsr = Pegasus / Flying horse
cos\t_horse1.bsr = Trade Horse
cos\t_horse2.bsr = Thoroughbred
cos\t_horse3.bsr = White Horse
cos\t_dhorse1.bsr = Ironclad Trade Horse
cos\t_camel1.bsr = Arabian Camel
cos\t_camel2.bsr = Bactrian Camel
cos\t_camel3.bsr = Indian Camel
cos\t_cow1.bsr = Fire Bull
cos\t_lizard.bsr = Lizard / Dragon
cos\t_behemoth.bsr = Behemoth / Giant trade bull
cos\t_donkey.bsr = Trade Donkey
cos\t_whiteelephant.bsr = White Elephant
cos\t_rhinoceros.bsr = Rhino
cos\t_buffalo = Buffalo
cos\p_wolf_01.bsr = Small Wolf
cos\p_wolf_02.bsr = Big Wolf
cos\p_myowon.bsr = Monkey
cos\p_seowon.bsr = Squirrel
cos\p_wolf_white_01.bsr = Small White Wolf
cos\p_wolf_white_02.bsr = Big White Wolf
cos\p_rabbit.bsr = Rabbit
cos\cos_p_spot_rabbit.ddj = Spotted Rabbit
cos\p_jinn.bsr = Small Genie
cos\p_jinn_02.bsr = Big Genie
cos\p_RAVEN01.bsr = Small Three Footed Crow
cos\p_RAVEN02.bsr = Big Three Footed Crow
cos\p_PENGUIN01.bsr = Small Penguin
cos\p_PENGUIN02.bsr = Big Penguin
cos\p_KANGAROO01.bsr = Small Kangaroo
cos\p_KANGAROO02.bsr = Big Kangaroo
cos\p_goldpig.bsr = Gold Pig
cos\cos_p_pinkpig.ddj = Pink Pig
cos\p_gglider.bsr = Glider
cos\p_bear01.bsr = Small Bear
cos\p_bear02.bsr = Big Bear
cos\p_raccoondog.bsr = Raccoon
cos\p_cat.bsr = Cat
mob\china\bluetiger.bsr = Tiger Girl's Tiger
mob\china\tigerwoman.bsr = Tiger Girl / Tiger Girl
mob\oasis\uruchidragon.bsr = Uruchi's Dragon
mob\oasis\uruchi.bsr = Uruchi
mob\karakoram\isyutaru.bsr = Isyutaru
mob\taklamakan\bonelord.bsr = Lord Yarkan
mob\europe\wolf.bsr = Europe Evil Wolf
char\china\chinaman_adventurer.bsr = Liu ZhaoYing
char\china\chinaman_bogy.bsr = Yan Gong Lei
char\china\chinaman_fighter.bsr = DuGu He
char\china\chinaman_merchant.bsr = Feng XuanYang
char\china\chinaman_monk.bsr = XinHun
char\china\chinaman_monkey.bsr = Pan XiaoLong
char\china\chinaman_necromancer.bsr = DeLuo FaWang
char\china\chinaman_nobleboy.bsr = MuRong Feng
char\china\chinaman_performer.bsr = He XiaoTian
char\china\chinaman_priest.bsr = XuJing
char\china\chinaman_scholar.bsr = ShangGuan Fei
char\china\chinaman_tattoo.bsr = GongSun Liuyun
char\china\chinaman_warrior.bsr = BaShaKe
char\china\chinawoman_adventurer.bsr = Lin XueJun
char\china\chinawoman_assassin.bsr = AYiSha
char\china\chinawoman_bogy.bsr = YanLing
char\china\chinawoman_fighter.bsr = Cheng BiXiao
char\china\chinawoman_fox.bsr = MaEr
char\china\chinawoman_kangsi.bsr = XiaoRong
char\china\chinawoman_kisaeng.bsr = YinQiao
char\china\chinawoman_merchant.bsr = CuiHua
char\china\chinawoman_necromencerb.bsr = TianLian
char\china\chinawoman_necromencerw.bsr = Wu RuoLan
char\china\chinawoman_noblegirl.bsr = ChuXue
char\china\chinawoman_scholar.bsr = Yue Juan
char\china\chinawoman_warrior.bsr = SiQin

PS: Attacking pets have tons of strings, don't try editting them unless you're a pro.

I am constantly updating this guide, so to see the guide with most recent updates, go here.
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[GUIDE] Easy pk2 edit your transports Empty
PostSubject: Re: [GUIDE] Easy pk2 edit your transports   [GUIDE] Easy pk2 edit your transports Icon_minitimeThu Jun 30, 2011 10:50 pm

Nice tutorial
thank you
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[GUIDE] Easy pk2 edit your transports
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