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 [requested by brchina]Silkroad Spider-man skin

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PostSubject: [requested by brchina]Silkroad Spider-man skin   Thu Jan 10, 2008 7:20 pm

sorry if i made u w8 4 a long time..
this tut is requested by brchina.
and i really hav a bad time figuring this one out on my own way.. xD

so here it is..
for example, we will change that monkey guy to spidey.

this time we're gonna use a new tool that i g0t from a site dedicated on silkroad.
click here to visit

pk2 extractor and pk2 editor.. <-- credits to drew benton of 0x33
click here to DL

i figured this one out myself and i dont kn0w if s0meone has the same way as I am..


open pk2 extractor

then open ur data.pk2

and this is how it looks like

then expand

after expanding man, select and extract these files one by one..
and also

after extracting go to ur pk2tools folder
a new folder named "Data" should appear.

open "Data" folder until u reach and open "man"
(u should see the files u extracted inside the folder "man".
if u dont, then extract it again)

copy all those files and save it anywhere on ur PC
(recommended to save it on Drive D because that will serve as ur back up if something goes wr0ng.)

once copied and a back has been made.
this three files

after deleting
rename the three remaining files.
rename them based on the names of the files u deleted.
chinaman_spidey_body.ddj -->> chinaman_monkey_body.ddj
chinaman_spidey_hair.ddj -->> chinaman_monkey_hair.ddj
spidey.bmt --> chinaman_monkey.bmt

then after renaming, we will need to import the renamed files.
Open pk2editor

then open ur data.pk2 again, and click select folder

browse the "man" folder and hit OK

after browsing hit IMPORT

then a notice will inform if it is successful.

And ur d0ne..
exit the tools and Play Silkroad Online.

here's the way it should look

u see that it only changes the skin but n0t the shape of the face..
u can see that its still the monkey guy w/ spider-man skin.
that's bc0z we only changes the .ddj files which are basically the textures.

but i will still find a way to edit that shape.
that it would look like the real spidey and remove those clothes to see spidey's whole body.

and i guess it will again take time(i guess about a week)
bc0z i only do this tuts in an internet cafe c0z i dont own a single PC..
making tuts would be quick but the owner of the i-cafe tighten their security and prevent me to enter their Drives. Even though i found a way to bypass their security and enter their drives it still buys me time..

If someone in here's rich and kind enough to donate a PC i would be very pleased. If that happens i could update this forum everyday and look through data.pk2 files deeply and discover s0mething new

Very Happy

PS: my way of editing the .pk2 makes the modified pk2 permanent unless u restore ur old .ddj files that u hide as ur back up.
changes will n0t undo even if isro made an update and changes their .txt files.


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PostSubject: Re: [requested by brchina]Silkroad Spider-man skin   Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:26 pm

thanx...i got it it working too maybe 10 minutes b4 u posted this...but i was editing it with HexEdit...nvm your way is much better and simplier....this monkey edit still has shapes...i tried to edit that bogy devil but when i enter character selection screen it gives me ?????? error...but then i edited that priest guy..and its has no shapes...because the priest is thanx for theese new pk tools...wicked...i see u r asking for links of tools i use...well i've been colecting this for a long time...i have them all inone archivethere's the link below..and is it possible to import edited files with pk2editor in data pk2??i edited the chinaman_spidey_body.bmp and chinaman_spidey_hair.bmp..changed colors..its black spiderman now...but i dunno how to convert it to ddj and import in if u know a way, please share it...

Thanx for the tut! Pk2_T00LS.rar.html
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[requested by brchina]Silkroad Spider-man skin
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